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(TFT) Reaction Rolls

Here's a set of reaction roll house rules I've devised but not yet put to 
playtest. I'd like to get comments from the list, and in particular comments from 
anyone who's done anything similar. 

Reaction and Performance Rolls

o Roll 1d to determine an NPC's reaction to a character or situation: A roll 
of '6' indicates that the NPC is as friendly and helpful as is reasonable 
under the circumstances, a '5' is friendly but not maximally so, a '4' is neutral 
leaning friendly, a '3' is neutral leaning unfriendly, a '2' is unfriendly but 
not maximally so, and a roll of '1' indicates that the NPC is as hostile and 
unhelpful as is reasonable under the circumstances. 

o Reaction roll modifiers will increase the number of dice rolled by one die 
per +1 or -1 modifier. If the net modifier is positive, used the highest of 
the numbers rolled on the dice, and if the modifier is negative use the lowest 
number rolled. E.g. on a net reaction modifier of +2, roll 3 dice and take the 
highest of the three numbers rolled; on a modifier of -1, roll 2 dice and take 
the lower of the two numbers rolled. 

o A "performance roll" is a 3 die roll made to impress an audience with a 
work of art or entertainment. Usually the roll is made against IQ, but sometimes 
is made against Dx when the GM calls for it. A successful roll gives the 
performance a +1 reaction roll bonus, success by 10 points gives a +2 reaction, and 
success by 20 gives +3. A lack of talent or other severe handicap will shift 
these results down by one: -1 for a failed performance roll, +0 for a 
successful roll, +1 for a success by 10, etc. A really severe handicap might shift the 
results down by two or more. For example, a good cook will have a +1 reaction 
to his dishes on a successful roll, an unskilled cook will have +0 on a 
successful roll and -1 on an unsuccessful roll, and a really bad cook might have a 
-1 or -2 reaction even when "successful" (and a -2 or -3 if he fails the 
cooking "performance" roll). 

Erol K. Bayburt
Evil Genius for a better Tomorrow
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