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Re: (TFT) Online Melee -- Digression

I would guess he's using a 2-3-2 megahex (count hexes in rows, so 2 hexes, then 3 hexes, then 2 more) with a 3-2-3 megahex following it.

One of these:


with one of these next to it:


I hope that is A) correct, and B) clear enough.

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Mapping Digression:  Would it be possible to make a **tiny**  .jpg or
something to show off "square megahexes"??

So I figured out how to
checker-board together normal 7 hex megahexes with concave 8 hex megahexes in
order to make 90 degree angles everywhere *and* still have a hex grid *and*
megahexes marked on it.
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