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(TFT) Square megahexes links

Cris, you're a God, tinypic seems to be working.  Now I wish my pix had
heavier lines around the edge of each m-H.  Oh well.

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From: Craig W. Barber
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Sent: Friday, October 20, 2006 1:00 PM
Subject: Square megahexes

Square megahexes: The idea is to checkerboard a traditional megahex type A and
a concave type B megahex (they nest) so that the overall field of megahexes
all have "straight" junctions with 90 degree angles.  This way, you can plot a
TFT dungeon or town on square graph paper.

I've never worked out the range effects in practice.  Theoretically, it might
hurt "Thrown" type effects at the expense of "Missile" effects: 14.28% divided
by 2 more hexes per megahex, on average.  More importantly, on a megahex basis
(for example, for Missile Weaps or Spells), it returns us to the original
problem with squares, that is, you can shoot 41% further in a diagonal
direction on a square grid than you can at the 90 degree angles.  That said,
I'm willing to put up with that sometimes if it means that Brandywine can have
square buildings and dungeons can have corridors intersect at 90 degree




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