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(TFT) Thanks

   Thanks guys. Your suggestions have really helped. I'm working on converting
my friends' D&D characters to TFT. I'm using one of the articles found on one
of your webpages. I used something similar years ago when I played 1st Ed. I
think I just figured 3 attributes per level. It worked okay for 1st Edition.
The conversion doesn't work as well with 2nd Edition and beyond. The races and
classes have been so jazzed up with special abilities, which are available at
the beginning levels, that it's about impossible to convert them without
distorting things. I didn't want to give the D&D character spells and talents
at a reduced costs- just didn't seem right. I'm content with the characters
just being different in TFT. I haven't tried the suggested rules for Clerics
in TFT but they look interesting.

Thanks again. God bless.

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