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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #838

Eric wrote:

At 12:01 -0500 11/4/06, TFT Digest wrote:
...Most of my more (played as) combat savvy NPCs
tend to use the "Charge and Defend" option when closing against
polearms wielders.

I used to do this as well, as a rules tweak. I can't find justification for it in the rules, though. It looks to me as though "Defend" is only available to characters who stand still or move one hex. (See Ad. Melee, Page 3, Option I.b to *allow* defend for stand still/move one hex; Options in the II group (move up to 1/2 MA) do *not* include defend).

I do think you can "charge" *one* hex up to a pole-weapon user and then defend. So if the pole-weapon user is unwilling to move, the sequence would be:

Turn 1) move up to one hex away from him. You don't attack (unless you are willing to throw your weapon), he may "jab" (normal damage, normal DX). You may defend if you moved only one hex during this turn.

Turn 2) move one hex up to him, defend. He attacks at +2 DX against the defend, double damage if he hits.

Turn 3) no movement or shift, both attack normally (do DX bonus, no double damage).

The pole-weapon user still gets some advantages in this sequence, of course. On turn 1, if he has initiative, he might back away rather than jabbing, forcing you to repeat. Also on turn 1 (and previous, as you approach), if you moved 2 or more hexes *and* he has initiative, he might charge you. He'd lose the +2adjDX for set vs. charge, but you would be unable to defend, and he'd get the double damage and first attack. So this sequence works a lot better if you have initiative on turn 1, or can afford to take a few turns cautiously working your way up to him one hex at a time (so that you can defend if he elects to charge).

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