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Re: (TFT) More on 8 hits

--- Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:

> That's a hilarious table, since if you follow it literally, then
> apparently figures with ST lower than 10 will be knocked over and 
> have -2DX if they take 0 or more damage...

Depends on how you interpret the first line. I'm including it (with
an improved last-column header).

ST        Hits to get -2DX     Hits to Fall   Unconscious ST
1-9             0                   0               0
10-29           5                   8               1
30-49          10                  16               2
50-69          15                  24               3
70-89          20                  32               4
90-109         25                  40               5
each +20       +5                  +8              +1

(BTW, I added this to the Wiki

I recently re-read the aerial combat section of Advanced Melee, and
it says that small flying creatures (ST 5 or less) can't be forced to
land by damage. They fight until unconsciousness (effects of damage
on fliers, last page of AM). 

I think this is the same meaning of the first line in the table. For
creatures of ST 9 or less, you can't cause a -2 DX penalty, knock
them down or make them unconscious (unconscious == dead).


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