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Re: (TFT) play question

--- Todd Roseberry <paleryder1@verizon.net> wrote:

> We always played that if you were in the front hex of an enemy,
> that you 
> could shift to the side hex of THAT enemy and not have to declare 
> disengagement. 

Agreed - as Rick said, shifting only requires that a figure stay
adjacent to another enemy.

> Now, if you're also in the front hex of another
> enemy, you 
> might have to "disengage" from him on account of a shift.

I agree as well, except that it's technically no longer a "shift" in
terms of the rules, and is why a disengage action must be done. You
all know I love to cite the rules, so here I go... Section V.
Movement of basic Melee states:


Only disengaged figures have options that let them move their full
MA. An engaged figure may move only one hex during movement, and must
stay adjacent to all figures to which it is engaged; this is called a
"shift" in the list of options. 

For example, an engaged figure can "shift" during movement, but it
can also "disengage" (another one-hex movement) during its action

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