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RE: (TFT) Geographical registry?

Greetings friends,
I live and work in Richmond, IN. I have been gaming since I was 17. Now, I'm older than dirt. Some of you have small children. My children have small children. If this list would be interested in organizing a week-end event to play TFT/ITL, I would be glad to help with the mundane details of organizing such an event. Regional location would be a factor as well as actual game site. Estimated attendance would be crucial.
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Is there a geographical registry of TFT players?  Maybe we should put such a
registry on one the sites?  Include Dark City Games and any other assets we
know about...

BTW, I'm near Denver, but my "group" these days is my 8 year old and my 7 year

Does DCG ever host a convention?
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