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(TFT) Geographical list on the wiki

Well, the list isn't pretty but it is up on wiki, the format is "Name - Area".
If you don't see yourself there, please add yourself or write to me and I

Looks like we already have a cluster in the Pacific NW, a pair of us in
Denver, a diffuse cluster in the Midwest (OH-IL-IN-TN) and depending on how
you count either one or two groups in the Northeast.  There are some *more*
names I see all the time but don't have locations for, and what about the Dark
City gang?   Lloyd and I are already planning to get together sometime in the
next few weeks or months, as is the Pacific NW group.

Anyway, please see: http://tft.brainiac.com/pmwiki/pmwiki.php

The wiki master hasn't yet passed judgment, so the list may get moved or
changed!  Anyone who wants to make it into a real table please do so!  We've
got some names I see all the time on the list but don't have areas on, AND,
does anyone know any old buds who might be roped back into the fold?  Even if
they are far from you, they might not be far from me or someone else!

Craig B.
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