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Re: (TFT) the Loran and Inthelabyrinth online games

Peter von Kleinsmid wrote:
Hi Larry!

What were the Loran and Inthelabyrinth online games?


Hi Peter,

Loran and inthelabyrinth are TFT based campaign games conducted by email using Yahoo Groups. The address for inthelabyrinth is:


It's been around since 2000 but the current campaign started this March.

The Loran RPG is not currently active.

The games are TFT based. You create your character using the TFT system as modified by the game moderator. When in combat you give your actions to the moderator, who then uses TFT to get the results. Role playing is encouraged. I've enjoyed playing in both games.


aka Rahn the thief in inthelabyrinth

Larry Rickert, Brooklyn, USA

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