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Re: (TFT) the Loran and Inthelabyrinth online games

Chris Nicole wrote:
Craig, Larry, You are welcome to join the LoranRPG Y! group and post
an invite to any active TFT group. The LoranRPG group still exists
and posts occasionally (usually when we get spammed!) but it hasn't
played for a while due to lack of a game master. The characters were
left on a ship at sea, so they might even turn up at a port in
someone else's game ...

When I game mastered the group, I tried to keep most of the game
mechanism out of sight, and would often wing it and go with the
narrative flow rather than follow a hard line ruling. So I'm not sure
how important TFT as a system was to most of the players. To my mind,
that flexibility is one of the great strengths of TFT.

IMHO TFT is a better system (than D&D) for Lankhmar or Hyboria, or
the game world I wanted to play in. I was never that fond of Cidri,
so I created my own world and that's evolved over the years. If I run
the game again, it will probably be slightly different again,
hopefully better.


Chris Nicole www.loran.karoo.net/

Thanks Chris, I'll post a message to the Loran group. I really enjoyed playing in Loran (even if my hunter character was often seasick) and I'd like to see it start up again.

Larry Rickert, Brooklyn, USA

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