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Re: (TFT) H3 System Revisited: Skewing the Bell Curve -- defending and UC talents

--- raito@raito.com wrote:

> So of 2 equivalent characters, one with UCV, and one with a sword
> and hopped up DX, who's going to come out on top?

I see the point and agree with it. However, when I would pick talents in the
days when I role played with TFT, it was more about the role playing than being
the most effective in combat. 

A UCV character would be rare, because most people try to max out their combat
effectiveness. But the mystique of UCV is the interesting part. In certain
situations (e.g., a prison, if the party is captured and has no weapons), he
will be very effective in helping with an escape if the going gets rough. Plus,
he never drops his weapon, and that makes it so he can always laugh at the
others who do! 

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