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Re: (TFT) 300 (the film) and TFT?

Vaguely remember reducing the scale to about a dozen Spartans (vs. an infinite
supply of Persians) and playing it out circa 1980 or so, using a choke point a
few megahexes across.  (Maybe earlier than '80, maybe using Basic Melee
rules.)  The Spartans were all like 36 points and the bad guys all about 30,
and if I recall correctly, the bad guys never had a chance: it would take some
auto-miss sequences to deplete the Spartans, and I got bored and dropped the
project.  Probably overall just a statement of the inaccuracy of my

Definitely a case for "fatigue" rules to be invoked.

Speaking of inaccurate re-creations, I haven't seen the movie either but want
to.  The **critics** hate it, has anyone got any commentary on it?

Craig B

> I saw the rush of recent emails and was sure it was something provoked by
> I have yet to see it, but I think it must be re-energizing some TFT
> out there, at least those big fans of Melee?

If you want to play out 300 or any 'heroic greek' sagas, Tufty will need much
better shield rules for a start.


Chris Nicole
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