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Re: (TFT) Land Beyond the Mountains Thoughts and Silver Dragonodon

  Steve Reinhardt

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From: "Chris Nicole" <chris_nicole@operamail.com>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Land Beyond the Mountains Thoughts

> The lasting
>impression for me was they were more suitable to a wild west setting
>than fantasy.

Yeah, it was the scenario with the Cartwright boys that kind of turned
me off on these.  I do remember liking the stampede rules though.

>As a contrast I found the two Dragonodon Universe solos (Silver Dragon
>and Unicorn Gold) very useful and a far more inspiring setting. 

Gee thanks, Chris.  This inspired me to look in the TFT archives for
more on the Dragonondon Universe and I ended up 'wasting' an hour that
my employer will not get back :-)  Anyway, I found an incredible writeup
Charles Gadda did on this setting in 2005 (searched for 'Dragonodon'). 
Did either of you add any more to this setting that you can share?
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