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Re: (TFT) Land Beyond the Mountains Thoughts and Silver Dragonodon

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> Subject: Re: (TFT) Land Beyond the Mountains Thoughts and Silver  Dragonodon
> Date: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 11:27:35 -0500
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> Subject: Re: (TFT) Land Beyond the Mountains Thoughts
> > The lasting
> > impression for me was they were more suitable to a wild west setting
> > than fantasy.
> Yeah, it was the scenario with the Cartwright boys that kind of turned
> me off on these.  I do remember liking the stampede rules though.
> > As a contrast I found the two Dragonodon Universe solos (Silver Dragon
> > and Unicorn Gold) very useful and a far more inspiring setting.
> Gee thanks, Chris.  This inspired me to look in the TFT archives for
> more on the Dragonondon Universe and I ended up 'wasting' an hour that
> my employer will not get back :-)  Anyway, I found an incredible writeup
> Charles Gadda did on this setting in 2005 (searched for 'Dragonodon').
> Did either of you add any more to this setting that you can share?

The Toltec Empire had a huge impact in our wargame campaign based 
in the Land.
for more info ...

Apart from a brief try at running Silver Dragon as a GM'd scenario 
most of our FRP games stayed well clear of the evil Empire. It 
remained as a dark influence in our games. There were a couple of 
games were the players countered Toltec influences e.g. A Brujo 
sleeper cell spying in Barracus (on that occasion the players went 
pirate hunting instead); or stopping a shipment of metal weapons 
smuggled to the East.

In the latest pbe-m game before it expired, the players stole the 
villains ship and found half a dozen Toltecs chained up in the 
hold, they released the 'slaves' from their iron chains ...
 This in a mainly bronze culture where iron has a very 
particular property ...

Also, Orcs in my game devolved from the green skinned oafs common 
in other popular FRP, to 'Beastmen', cannibal Neanderthals or 
night-walkers via Hyborian Picts. Tho' Michael Chrichton's 'Eaters 
of the Dead' and Jack Vance's Lyonesse had a bit more influence in 
that change.



Chris Nicole

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