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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V3 #890

At 01:13 PM 6/8/2007 -0700, you wrote:
<Yeah, it was the scenario with the Cartwright boys that kind of turnedme off on these. I do remember liking the stampede rules though.>

That was typical for Gamelord's though. Look at their Thieve's Guild or Free City of Haven stuff and you will see a lot of literary use of popular culture. An example would be Kameron Swayze, who is a watch maker. Remember the Timex commercials???

That kind of trans-universe joke tends to detonate my immersion in an RPG world, though.

If I were editing for Gamelord's <sic?>, I imagine I'd push for a disclaimer to the effect that the satirical names were used intentionally to explicate the connection to a reference to a character from some other work, but that unless such overt references fit all the players' play-style, GM's are strongly encouraged to consider choosing names that match their worlds, just as they should always try to adapt and personalize the material to blend into their worlds or other details of the way they play the situation.

But even though references to other works are in theory ok: <sarcasm> hmm, what shall we pick for inspiration, oh, I know, how about BONANZA AND WATCH COMMERCIALS! Uh, right, ya, just what I want to pay for to help fill in the gaps in my creativity. </sarcasm> One of the main things I have enjoyed about role-playing in a fantasy setting is ESCAPING friggin' USA pop culture crud! If my TFT character encountered Kameron Swayze or Hop Sing or whatever, my character might be tempted by a trans-universe impulse to go on a berserk killing spree. "His name is Kameron Swayze? Time for a lightning bolt!"

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