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(TFT) It may be time...

Over the years I obsessively collected all things Metagaming, eventually
winding up with a complete collection of their released games, from
Stellar Conquest to Helltank Destroyer, as well as the Gamelords TFTish
releases.  (Hmmm, there's a trivia question - what was the last game
officially released by Metagaming?)

Given that I have played only a very small percentage of these games
since I got them, and all but one of the games I've played have been 
played electronically with CyberBoard, it may actually be time for me 
to pack it all up and sell it to someone else who obsesses over all this
stuff - like you, perhaps!

So, if you think you'd like to purchase the collection as a single unit,
drop me a line.  I'd rather not eBay it at the moment, nor do I wish to
piece it out.

I don't have a complete catalog of stuff at the moment, but I know I have
*every* Metagaming game released, including the original and Avalon Hill
versions of Stellar Conquest, the Ythri, and a first edition Melee.  I'll
throw in the 4-5 copies of Interplay that I have along with a few issues
of the Space Gamer.

This ain't going to sell for $50, so serious inquiries only at this early
stage, but I figured I'd let you all get first crack at it for being loyal

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