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Re: (TFT) "Average" characters

In a message dated 6/25/2007 10:11:11 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Greg.Thorne@sas.com writes:

> I wanted to get some opinions on "starting" characters.
> For humans, the starting player character is 32 points.  But in the rules it 
> states that a 10 for an attribute represents the 'average' for a human.  So 
> that means that the typical villager or peasant will be ST=10, DX=10, IQ=10.  
> (It would also follow that since there are so many high attribute characters 
> in adventures, that a typical peasant may be closer to ST=9, DX=9, IQ=9).

Except that characters in adventures are going to be a tiny fraction of the 
population. Certainly less than 5%, probably less than 0.5%, possibly less than 

> But every published TFT supplement that I have been able to read, has ALL 
> the (human) characters and opponents as at 32 point characters.  Should this be 
> so?  Shouldn't a large part of the population consist of 30 point 
> characters?  Or is the assumption that all the 30 point characters choose safe, boring 
> town jobs, and that only the 'above average' characters would get accepted 
> into the army, guard duty, or whatever the player characters are going to face?
> Opinions?  Comments?

Does a 10 represent an average attribute for an *adult* human, or for *all* 
humans including children? 

10 months in a 5/16 job - e.g. a Recruit in the Army/Police/Mercenaries 
should give two "good" rolls on average, increasing a 30 point character to 32 
points. So it's plausable that the NPCs in the army, on guard duty, etc. will be a 
couple of points better than average, even if they're average 30 pointers 
when they join. And then after a year they'll be Regulars, with a 4/17 risk roll 
- and thus slower improvement. 

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