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Re: (TFT)Re: Next Gen?

We haven't made an official press release yet, so I've left a message with my attorney to make sure it's not too early to share a little info. I'll let you know something soon...


Hi Gavin,

This game sounds intriguing.  I like the idea of a next gen TFT.  The
Legends game has potential, but I am not sure when/if the Dark City guys
will be able to release their expanded rules.  The current Legend rules
seem to work fine for their solo games.
I am interested in what the TFT-like qualities are for this new game.
Also, what will make it appeal to us old TFT'ers as well as a generation
growing up with sophisticated computer and video games?  Can you give us
any details or designer notes on the game?  Thank you.

 Steve Reinhardt
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