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Re: Re: (TFT) Scale

On Mon, November 5, 2007 5:15 pm, Jay Carlisle wrote:
> I look at an RPG as a "meta" game that encompasses a multitude of smaller
> games.
> By this view there is nothing saying that Combat, for instance, MUST be
> played exactally the same way every encounter.

Yes. Another thing I developed at the end of my uber GURPS house rules
phase, was a split rules system WITHIN THE SAME COMBAT, to streamline
large battles.

PC's, important NPC's, and people they were fighting, could/would use my
full uber-detailed rules.

But many of the less plot-relevant NPC's fighting each other nearby, could
use a different combat system, one that abstracted a LOT of stuff down to
net results. A fight between two low-fi NPC's could be reduced down to a
single (in one case, 1d12) die roll every few turns, representing the net
results of different averaged types fighting each other for a while. The
results were statistically accurate, having been worked out in advance
using the full rules on my own time. So there was little or no degradation
in realism, just in detail, and an immense reduction in time required, and
in the ability to have all sorts of chaos going on around the PC's,
without reducing their personal situations' detail or their options.

I figure that might spark some ideas.

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