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Re: (TFT) Two useful tidbits

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> From: "Marc Gacy" <marcgacy@earthlink.net>
> Hi all!


> I was intrigued by the "Square hexes" discussion and I wanted to 
> see how well they work.
> The fruit of efforts can be found here: 
> http://home.earthlink.net/~marcgacy/TFT/
> There are two files, one with square hexes in 1 inch and one in 0.75 inch.
> They are PowerPoint files right now, but I could make them PDFs as well.

I got the PDFs.
Intresting stuff...

If you grab the Paperport viewer here;

2.64mb for Window$

I have my map system scaned in this format curently and would be happy to share those files on request. They average about 400kb an image and include anotations.

I also have those Items on Index cards that I'm in the process of scaning and they also use Paperport right now.

I intend to release all my TFT work as documents on request. I'll post a list of available docs as soon as I dig out of this storm damage.
> Also, in the spirit of the TFT index, I made a comprehensive 
> Fantasy Trip Table of Contents.
> I arranged it as I figured it would have been arranged as if it were one book.
> It's not perfect, I tried to match the heading styles exactly, but 
> that wasn't always feasible (as it seemed that sometimes they were 
> flat out wrong) and I didn't always include deep headings. I think 
> it actually works pretty well, despite my tinkering.
> I did this to make it easier to use the books and also to be a 
> springboard for any "plain-language" efforts, as basically a list 
> of what needs to be included (but not necessarily using that 
> structure).
> Let me know what you think and enjoy!
> - Marc

Beautiful! With your wonderful TOC and Mr. Liebers (I think?) Index we'll make a book outta these magazines yet! Thank you!

Oh and I'm posting this on the Wiki.
(If you don't mind.)


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