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RE: (TFT) Law

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27 Aug 2007 04:20:01 +0800> Subject: (TFT) Law> > ''On Cidri, magic is
considered an honest trade -''> > and pg. 27> "D. CULTURES AND CUSTOMS> >
LAWS, TRIALS, AND JAIL> Every civilized area has laws, or at least customs,
which the traveller must honor> or risk severe inconvenience. GMs will find
the law a useful instrument in> creating and maintaining their

Here is an analysis of what kind of work gives the fastest experience.


The table on the link above shows how long a person has to work to get X
attribute total.  For instance after one year of enchanting a character should
be about 38 points.  But the same person holding a dangerous job with a risk
of 5/16 would be only a 34 point character.  So how does this table show
players the best way to min/max their character's career.

Well my reading of the table says one wants to be an enchanter or apprentice
to an enchanter until 44 attribute point total.  Then switch over to a
dangerous job with a risk of 5/16.  That's five years enchanting to reach 44
points, and then reaching an attribute total of 56 after 5 more years.

As such, the Judges of my campaign levee lighter sentences for murder against
people with more dangerous jobs.  Say an army police recruit murders a 44
point character.  The Judge will sentence them to five years as a draftee in
the war against the chaos pits.  If the murderer was a scribe though with a
low risk job of only 3/18, they will find themselves sentenced to server fifty
years as a draftee.  As you can see, Unlike modern life the penalties are
stiffer against people who lead safe lives.  The prevailing wisdom is that an
adventurers life is shorter, and hence more precious.

David Michael Grouchy II
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