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RE: (TFT) Exp

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> Happened often enough in my campaigns. There were times when the players
> preferred to play out a characters life quickly, rather than adventure by
> adventure. So it was weekly die-roll fests for those times. On 
> occasion, it was
> specifically to see how long any particular character would survive. It was an
> enjoyable thing to do once in a while. Neil Gilmore

Traveler was GREAT for this as well.

Then I messed with Pendragon and about that time there was this PC game called SimCity. After awhile it just seemed natural to call that stuff Downtime.

If Downtime gets even moderatly complex you most assuradly will get "die-roll fests".

However to keep things from getting outta hand I needed a limiting factor. Something to maintain some sort of focus/threat. So I think that everyone has a 1st figure in a storyworld.
A player may play any offspring of this First Figure and so on down the line.

Because of cusp events, where storyworlds branch, the only sure way to destroy a First Character compleatly, in all alternate possable storyworlds, is to destroy the First Character as an infant.

Voldormort knew this.

Herod, too.

Aslan knew deeper still...


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