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RE: (TFT) Building

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> From: "David Michael Grouchy II" > 

> I've also got some tentative construction
> costs.
> http://www.branya.com/building%20expanded.htm
> The original page of jus the pictures is still up.

Yeah, I'd better go grab those Images.
The page is spooky good.

I'll flesh out some of those discriptions for you if you want.

I'll talk about the economics later, it's important stuff and I REALLY wanna hear your rational behind them but I'm frazeled tired just now and I've got NOTHING done the past couple of days on the Wiki.
I haven't even READ Chris' edits yet.

There is a site
and I've been throwing stuff up on that.
Hopefully I won't have to jump through hoops to get images out there.
I figure if I give everyone a deck of things, it'll make explaining it MUCH easier.

Also bug reporting on storytron.
I've been outta the mix so long the tech stuff just ticks me off.
Oh well.
My fault.

anyhoo the equipment is on cards but I've got scale chits that can punch out like

the card at the bottom left of your sheet is the left hand item and right the same.
Bags, pockets, pouches and the like are stacks.
picking up a stack is an action.
Items out of bags pulled randomly from the stack
rules for groups of identical items like gold coins.

damnit! If I was gonna babble why didn't I babble about economics in the first place?

It's ALL interconected

It's hard to talk about one aspect in issolation

I'm tired.

more later


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