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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

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> From: "David Michael Grouchy II" > I seem to have found your thesis buried in the middle of a post from August.
> Here is a link to the original thread. I think I shall dwell on this statement
> for a week, both agreeing and disagreeing with ''Cidri was a mistake.''
> http://tft.brainiac.com/archive/0708/msg00073.html
> David Michael Grouchy II

Did you mean the bit about vacume generation between gate pairs?
Why would I assume G.O.D. had something like THAT in his basement, and if a figure could SOMEHOW jump to that dimension/plane then they could "change the Universe"?
G.O.D.s wouldn't argue or fight, would they?
I mean people are basicly peacful and nice and "just wanna get along", right?
I mean, Alexander, and Napoleon, and Hitler (NEVER AGAIN!), and Darfur (again), and etc. asside.
Just like the English Language Formal System,
there's ALWAYS exceptions.

Think about it folks.

What is it,
that we're trying to model here?

This is fantasy world we're talking about, so as I've pointed out, we can choose to "ignore" depressing, or hard facts in favor of entertainment value.

I'm fine with this.

But that dosen't mean that detail dosen't have it's own entertainment value.

Very, VERY little of what I'm trying to do is, at it's core, new.

At it's heart I think the idea is how to blend "Whatever" game might further your story.
If you have a model where you use the board game "Life" to run a campainge, College/mage, spaces as encounters, etc. (pulling this outta my nethers but this could work) then I consider it MY job to make it as seamless as possable.

Ergo my fishing for definitions.

"I" ain't the best choice for this job, but if nobody else want's it then,....

if you wan't something done (much less done right) you've got to do it yourself.

And just in case anyone doubt's my motives here.

The Fantasy Trip was written and produced by a group of people in Austin (the only Civilized part of Texas and y'all missed a chance with Kinky for Gov.) who were trying to do the same kind of things that "I'm" trying to do thirty years later.

Now what kind of karma do you think I'd generate by simplly repackageing TFT?

These guys INSPIRED me at a young age and I stand unashamed in my admiration for those people.

I'm "Good" at this stuff.
I may not translate it well on the page ("It's no good to anybody in your head! Write it down." Amedais)
In as honest an assestment of myself as I'm capable, this is one of the few things I can stand on.
I'm "Good" at this stuff.

Maybe it's just smoke up my postierior, I don't know.

But I'm thinking synthisysing games.

What ever it takes to tell a good story.

I just think the dynamics of the system can be set to "generate" good stories through interaction.

This is "ME" covering up for the fact that I HAVE no good stories.
Just my tweaks on other peoples stories.

Sorry folks,

I got drunk last night.

The list should be thankful I didn't have access to the Net as I was stuck in Seaside, which strikes me as a lovely title for an old country and western song.

Translate THAT as I've still got an afterbuzz.

Yeah, one of THOSE nights.
Y'all are lucky to get the distilled babble.
God forgive me for that pun, and please be with the starving pigmys down there in New Guinee...


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