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RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?

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> From: "John J Hyland" <johnnyboytmm@juno.com>
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> Subject: RE: (TFT)What happend to the Mnoren?
> Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2007 00:34:12 GMT
> -- -------"Jay Carlisle"
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> > ----- Reguardless, when the players choose to spend a session in Downtime
> dice fest what are the NPC's doing?
> Well the yearly population growth is probably MOST of the answer, but a few of
> my NPC antagonists are real nut-jobs.
> While the players spend time building their figures keep the Psyco-killer
> stalks another victim.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -----------------------------------
> Oh yeah, the rest of the world moves on.  And not just during down time.

< snip >


> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------------------------------------------
> So part of my aproach is to allow the players access to materal and proceduers
> normally considered the domain of the GM.
> Of course, TECHNICALLY, useing this method could result in you having your
> storyworld usurped so to speak.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------------------------------
> Not sure what you mean.  Designing towns? NPCs? Spells? Talents?  I let the
> guys do that sort of thing, though at least in theory I retain a veto over its
> inclusion in my gameworld.  haven't vetoed anything yet, but it could happen
> But it sounds like you are talking about more.  

> What are you talking about?

> (admittedly a qustion I think about your posts pretty often. :-) )
> John

"fishsticks of fury" makes since to me now!
I'm still getting caught up on the threads.

Christmas intrudes!
Time wise that is.
It's actually a blessing to have people who want your company on the Holidays so don't take this as complaing, I've got gingerbread baking as I type for a gingerbread house with Marzapan details.
>From scratch.
So Martha Stewert!
I like the top of the model TOO!
You guys who have shared some of your original counter and other images, Thank You!
You guys make me jelious.

> What are you talking about?

Well that is a very good question.
Are there anymore questions?

But seriously folks.
< wiggles cigar >

I intend to introduce quite a few new Actions for figures to preform.

I don't touch the curent structure.
I do make additions however.
These are ment to be taken or left as needed.
Not everyones storyworld NEEDS a system for War.
If that's not involved in the story your telling then it's a needless plug-in and can be ignored.
But if you DO play with these factors then you might want to consider what I have to offer.
I have several of these "plug-ins"
One of them I use the term "God-Triping" to describe.
I'm making a list of what I have in a "compleate" state.
Also what is unfinished, and a couple of ideas with little or no actual work acomplished.

I've been hacking away at these pages and am staying on track for my New Year goal.

Like I said Christmas intrudes!

Now I have to go drink Beer in my new house slippers while listining to my new Lynard Skynyrd Box set.

Tuesdays Gone.....

I leave for Salem tommrow.

Type at y'all next week.

Merry Christmas.


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