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Re: (TFT) HT's views on complexity

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> From: "Joe Hartley" <jh@brainiac.com>

> "Jay Carlisle"  wrote:
> > I figure I turn 40 in the middle of June so I've been hereing 
> > about this bloody mid-life crises since I can remember.
> Phhht, youngster.

Well yes. I suspose this can be true from SOME points of view.
Still, as Gallegar once said, (I don't know which one) something at my age tells me not to try and raise my ass over my head.
But I was always the "quiet" kid that all the nice Exxon and GP engineers let hang around the group.
It was kinda like "Goodfellas" except instead of mobsters "I" was earand boy for a group of gamers.

> > I gotta rest up cause I'm gonna do nothing tommrow but get drunk 
> > and post ALL DAY!
> Works for me, but then, I like Kerouac and Bukowski.


How about Kesey?

"I" got to see 'Further' over the Summer.

She's in bad shape, but they have a group that's gonna restore her.

Blackberries go like CRAZY on the northleft coast and moss will get on any undisturbed surface, so the poor baby had been plain overrun.

They'd gotten THAT far, but the paint was in rough shape and it seems that when they contacted surviving "Pranksters" nobody could agree on details and so until they could get things sorted out, the restoration (at least of the paint) was on hold.

I can't help but add that I've got THREE bottles of homemade wine that I actually had the will to save this year. One of the Strawberries, one Dandelion, and one Blackberry.

And I'm on the leftcoast which means that, unless we have sombody in Hawaie (I've no concept) then I'm probably one of the last to catch New Years day.

Crap, I gotta get blackeyed peas.
I got cabbage, I think...

Have I babbled about how the Action Table in Melee should pretty much have the generic fight music from Star Trek going on in the background all the time.

If a magic item takes day/weeks/months what other actions fall into these periods?

And, who are we kidding, what happens when a player/antagonist attempts to move beyond even these?

It's an old story, but my fav. example is Hugharts "The Bridge of Birds".

THAT to me is Hero Questing.

Corawin's assault on Amber.

Of Course Frodo.

Butch and Sundance.

The examples go on and on...

Of course in 2 of those stories the Protags got draged in against their own will, in one it was kinda 50/50 "Well we've gone straight, now what?", and only in one did the Protag willingly go....
Willingly take the risk.


It's a quarter after midnight.

Only 23 hours and 45 min till the first.

I'd better get my beauty/babble rest.


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