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RE: (TFT) Babble

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> From: "George Dew"
> Wow, thanks!

Hope your holidays were spectacular, and here's hopeing your 2008 is a year you'll look back on with fondness!

< Raises Beer >

I haven't forgotten.

As may be obvious, I've had to get some of my materal in order.
If I can't explain myself clearly and consicely then there is no point in bothering you with it.

> This is really interesting stuff.  Where did you get these stats?

I'm SORRY I haven't included the references in this one...

It's about six thirty in the P.M. so I still have a LITTLE time to babble.

Most of this is burried in my psycobabble posts over the summer and fall.

One of my MAIN sources has been Myth Busters.

The BBC series Brainac (nudge nudge, wink wink Joe!) is another intresting source.

Sports Science on Fox Sports (I have NW but assume each region has their own)

I've too many books to list on my last night of SoC, I've made a vow to be more professional about this stuff and a big part of that is "credit where credit is due".

At best I may have a couple of ideas that are really "mine".

Alot of my stuff is just a synthesis of great ideas I've heard from others.

I figure the best I can do in exchange is to promote their ideas.

Or at least my incompleate grasp of 'em!

I have made a comitment to do better in the future.

"We'll see Jay."


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