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RE: (TFT) Babble

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> From: "George Dew" > 
> Thank You VERY much!  It's just a really interesting and good reference for
> a number of damage-related thoughts.

This is one of those that spooks me.

Is this actually a departure?

Useing 'Moment of Force' can basicly tell you WHERE on the blade you struck by the Dam done.

St requirements for "Hand" weapons out the window.

It would simply be a question of "what is your St?"

And of course Buildings can be assigned St according to their building materials.

Which reminds me.

Not only St to the building page, but also Items/equipment and Primary Production supply (from Encylopedia production maps)

This way Supply Lines can be cut in War.

Sun Tsuz stuff here.

I swear!
It's all connected together!

It'd be SO nice to say that one was compleatly seprate from the other, but the concepts don't work that way.

The best "I" can find is that the Player gets the choice at creation of the Figures direction/focus/career? .

< sigh >


HOW original Jay.

Craaaaaaazy! Over the Rainbow I Am Craaaaaazy!
The Lunitics are in MY head!

I suspose we've got to keep THIS Lunar off the BEER!


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