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Re: (TFT) What happened to the TFT list ?

I think I hooked Jay on Dominions, and chaotic though he is, he has
certainly been a force for a deluge of ideas and list traffic.

As for Star Wars TFT not being possible, I would disagree:

1) It's possible for people who aren't shackled by thinking something
doesn't exist unless it's a mass media commercial product. I can make Star
Wars TFT exist for a game group any time I want to (which so far, has been
never, but I could).

2) Lucas-related corporations have actually more or less embraced
small-scale fan efforts at derivatives including games of various types.
AFAIK, it's totally possible even if you're going for formal approval.

3) There's already a Star Wars RPG system with tons of source crud. All
you need is a system for adapting its data to a SW-TFT system you or
someone invents.

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