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(TFT) SciFi TFT, was: What happened to the TFT list ?

Kind of combining two threads...

Inventing one's own world is fun. But playing in a world already established
by movies and literature is fun too.

Who among us hasn't identified with the characters in The Lord of the Rings,
Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, and other master works of fiction? Some
of these are ideal for TFT solo gaming, like Indiana Jones, while other are
ready made for teams like The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. It helps the
players be more consistent. After all they, probably know how the story
universe works so they can integrate their characters into it more easily.
We all know the personality of a JRRT Dwarf. Playing one, is a matter of
embellishing on what one already knows. As for the GM writing the adventure,
the plot's the plot becomes the goal rather than creating a new environment.
That, and maintaining the story, NPC, and PC actions true to the

In looking at TFT and what Dark City Games has done with their games (if
you're not familiar with them, they are compatible with, but certainly
aren't clones of, TFT) who do have a SciFi version of their system, it's
pretty clear that, given the abstract nature of the rules, one need only
basically substitute broad swords with Light Sabers and magic with Jedi mind
tricks. <<Whew! That was one sentence--I hope nobody asks me to diagram

By the way, has anyone considered ditching the hexes? Using hexes instead of
squares (like that other game) does make movement smoother and easier.
However, wouldn't simply converting hexes to inches, mega hexes to three
inches, and using a ruler be the smoothest movement of all? Nothing else
really need be done. That's it. Using Melee rules and dispensing with the
map makes TFT, in my opinion, a truly great union of RPG with a miniatures
game. Hey, you got peanut butter in my chocolate! 

Ray Rangel
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> I'm been toying with the idea of using TFT to do a Snapshot-type game
> (if anyone remembers that old Traveller box) or a Space Hulk variant.
> We should lay down some groundwork for Sci-Fi TFT.
> David
> On Feb 1, 2008, at 10:51 AM, Ray Rangel wrote:
> > Yea, it did get kinda quite. I'm travelling this week, so I haven't
> > had much time to do anything. I brought DCG's Wolves on the Rhine
> > with me so that I could play through it again, but I haven't been
> > able to to. Hopefully I'll get to that project this weekend.
> >
> > I did just order one of DCG's SciFi varients to try it out. I've
> > been toying with the idea of using either a SciFi varient of TFT or
> > DCG's rules to do Star Wars. I developed an allergy to d20, but I
> > do have a lot of SW source books for the material in them. I also
> > have tons of the SW figures for the miniatures game. I'd like to
> > put them to use.
> >
> > Of course we will never see a true TFT Star Wars due to IP
> > ownership issues, but I think the free-wheeling space cowboy shoot-
> > outs that are the hallmark of Star Wars are a good fit for TFT
> > style play.
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