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Re: (TFT) Story

I actually re-wrote that story for my own personal version of TFT...
I'll paste it below...


On Feb 9, 2008, at 9:46 PM, Jay Carlisle wrote:

> Remember the first part of Melee?
> There was a little Story about this Centurian and a Barbarian that
> it turned out was a re-hash of the example combat given later.
> ITL (and AD&D DMG) had an example of play that read very storylike
> to me.
> Jay

	His muscles tensing with nervous energy, Ragnar Elfbane gripped and
then re-gripped the hilt of his heavy broadsword.  Some time ago, his
comrade Arnax had stepped into the darkness of the forest to relieve
himself, and hadnt returned.  These were dangerous woods, and Arnax
knew not to take longer than he needed.  There must be trouble.

	Taking a step away from the light of the fire, Ragnar saw movement
at the edge of the forest.  Was it Arnax?  No!  Instead, he saw a
figure, crouched low, wearing loose green clothing and readying a
bow.  Reflexively, he launched into a charge.  Even though he was
burdened by helmet and greaves, he hoped could get to the elven
bowman before...

	The arrow flew, and hit him. He flinched from the pain, but his
armor stopped most of the blow.  He continued his charge, weaving
back and forth, desperate to spoil the bowmans deadly aim.  A second
arrow zipped past, barely missing his head.  As Ragnar closed in, the
elf moved to put his back to a tree.  Ragnar swung his sword wildly
as his elven opponent let loose a third arrow.  The slender arrow
found its mark, but again was denied by Ragnars heavy armor.
Cursing in his strange tongue, the elf dropped his bow and unsheathed
his sword.

	The two blades flashed, firelight flickering on the steel as they
traded blows.  Slowed by his heavy shield and his armor, Ragnar was
frustrated trying to strike the much more agile elf.  But, luck was
with him and a blow fell true, wounding the elven bowman badly.

	Blood  trickling down his torn tunic, the bowman tried to sidestep
the barbarians next blow.  As he did, he expertly slid his sword
under Ragnars shield and into his side.  Ragnar, staggering with
shock, pulled back from his attack and raggedly defended himself, set
to parry the next blow.  The two swords flashed again.

	As abruptly as it had begun, the fight suddenly came to an end.  The
elf swung savagely, but erratically, and Ragnar took advantage of the
opening.  His sword slashed the elf bitterly, causing him to stagger
back.  Ragnar pressed the attack and struck again, this time deeper.
The elf collapsed on the bloody snow, either dead or his wounds too
great for him to stand.  Ragnar himself was hurt, but quite able to
walk.  He had felt such wounds before.  Beyond his fallen foe, he saw
his slain comrade, Arnax.  He grunted his content.  He had revenge
for his fallen brother, and maybe a prisoner.  He bent down over the
elven bowman.
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