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Re: (TFT) 100 years

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> From: "Paul MacDonald" 
> > There should be a breath-a-lizer on my stupid computer, or 
> > actually everyones computer.
> Hmmmm...  What's the breathalizer do?  Rate your posts sobriety or deny access?  I vote 
> for the former.

The easy thing is to just assume I'm drunk no matter what.
I've heard about a Japanise cell phone that has a breathalizer attached.
This would have saved me some AWFULLY awakward phone calls late at night.
Ever get drunk and nostalgic?
Happend to me.
Unfortunatly, I've got research SKILLS.
A good Talent when sober....
I seem to speak my mind when shed of inhibitions.
This dosn't work so well for me.


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