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Re: (TFT) TRAMPLE Questions

----------------------from Sgt Hulka-------------------------------- 
Lastly, I remember reading somewhere that a 2-hex figure is normally treated
as a 1-hex figure or something like that, and the horse is a special case only
when moving more than 8 hexes during its movement phase. 

In order to be engaged, more than 1/3 of your hexes must be occupied.  So a 1 hex opponent can engage a 1 hex or 2 hex protagonist, but not a 3 hex protagonist.  A horse is a 2 hex creature, so 1 man can engage it.

The only special rule is that an 8 hex charge makes a horse treated like a 3 hex creature for engagement purposes.

TRampling a man just requires that the protagonist be multihexed, which a horse is, even without a charge.

And thanks for looking up the special pike rule about receiving a charge during movement.  that makes the special pike case crystal clear.  There is still some GM adjudication needed for other polearms being set to recieve a charging horse though.

In terms of the rider choosing to trample, you are correct, it makes little sense for a 6+2 die lance weilding knight, but it is a great option for a sword-weilding horseman.


And I think we are in agreement about the 

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