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Re: (TFT) Do you remember the first time you died?

Not the first time one of my PC's died, but the first time I cared.  His
name was Sage, he was the first time I tried to play a non-tank, human
warrior.  Sage was all about helping the party, at the time he died he was
ST 13, DX15, IQ 18 (46 total) 3 point Leather Armor (magic), + 1 damage
Halberd (also magic), one ring with blur and stone flesh.  Talents: Pole
Weapons (2) Running (2), Literacy (1), Naturalist (2), Tracking (1),
Armourer (2), Goldsmith (2), Tactics (1), Physicker (2), Vet (1), Master
Armourer (2).

After I had played Sage for almost a year, we had a random encounter with
some Goblins on the road to an abandoned castle (the actual encounter for
the day), and one of those Goblins roled triple damage in a charge attack
(from the side) with a spear, getting a 6 on his die roll, for 36 points of
damage, Sage was deader than dead.   You know what really bugged me, those
Goblins were smart, smarter than we were, they may have been puny but one of
them had Strategist, they won the inititive roll forcing us to move first,
and setting us up for that charge attack.

It was small consolation but the rest of the group proceded to slice the
Goblins to shreds, and looted the bodies, inclucing Sage's.  At least my
other PC (Edgar) got to Sage's body first, and turned the recovered item's
over to his next of kin, (my new PC).  If Melcor had reached Sage's body
first there would have been nothing to turn over.

The party did try to save Sage, but we just did not have enough healing

By the way that castle was full of vampires.

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 12:04 PM, David Michael Grouchy II <
david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Do you remember the first time you died?
>     I remember the first time I died.  A senseless death.  I think Robert
> Miles is trying to tell me the story is over or something like that.  I
> have
> just made a new character.  This is my third character.  I have made two
> other
> for Robert Miles for his previous two campaigns.  This is his third
> campaign.
> Every time we get together to game he has a new campaign.
>     Take his second one.  I come over and he shows me a poster board with
> circles drawn on it.  The circles are about the size of a coffee cup.
>  Inside
> each is the name of a world.  The alignment of that world is written in his
> secret notebook.
>      ok where do you go first?
>     I point to one of the worlds.
>     He opens his notebook  Chaotic good.   He reaches for his monster
> manual.
> Starts at the first page and starts flipping through until he comes to the
> first chaotic good creature.   Centaurs!   He announces with some joy, and
> a
> smile.
>     He rolls a D.   They like you.
>     He rolls a D20 twice.   You stay for forty . . . three years.
>     He rolls a D12.   You have five kids.  O.k, where do you go next.
>     I look at the dice.  I guess I ll have to buy my own if I want to roll.
> I point to another world.
>     He looks in his notebook.   Lawful evil.   He starts at the beginning
> turning page after page until he finds a lawful evil creature.  Do you have
> any idea how soon Devils appear in the monster manual?  They book lays open
> to
> Asmodeus.
>     Robert says  Lets go make some cool-aid.   Which we do, thereby
> averting
> disaster for my level 1.
> David Michael Grouchy II
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