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(TFT) Whistle of detect enemies

Whistle of Detect Enemies

     There is a mad Indian medicine man.  He Travels the woods alone with his
four wolves and four Jaguars.  It is said that he cannot be snuck up on.  The
beasts will warn him.  Even if you are invisible the jaguar will hear you.
Insubstantial, the wolves will smell you.

     They perceive the intent as well.  Any who come within 2 megahexes with
hostile intent and they will know it.  It is said that even if he leaves them
behind and enters a camp, the whistle he wears around his neck is imbued with
their spirit.  It will shrill silently so only he may hear, the same warning
as though they are there.  And they soon will be, to fall on his enemies.

David Michael Grouchy II
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