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RE: (TFT) Disenchanted

  We actually had that Judges Guild module! As I was reading your story,
I was thinking, "Hey, I had that. Wow, Robert Miles wrote it, huh?" Too
bad about the Judges Guild.


On Thu, Aug 7, 2008 at  1:26 PM, David Michael Grouchy II wrote:

> Disenchanted

B B B B  Robert Miles has a series of large slumber parties.B  Six to eight
of us
get together and spend the night at his house.B  There is kool-aid, milk,
apple juice.B  His mother even bought us a huge bag of chips, so we didnt
to provide our own.B  Very inviting.

B B B B  Breakfast is an assembly line of pancakes, eggs to order, and
toast.B  We
eat in shifts while the others are still gaming.B  The entire evening and
morning are a hit, so of course we all want to attend the next one.B 
This time
Robert has even more adventures dreamed up for us.B  Characters are
mostly made
already so it only takes an hour to get started this time.B  After the
fight he takes two of the players back into his room.

B B B B  The rest of us are wondering what is going on.B  The evening starts
drag.B  They are back there a long while.

B B B B  Someone says He left his notebook.

B B B B  Every eye in the room is looking at it.B  We all want to know what
is in
there.B  I dont have a moments doubt that if there were only two of us,
instead of five, we would look.

B B B B  Do you think we should?

B B B B  Naw, just leave it be.

B B B B  Eventually Robert and the two players come out.B  They take their
Robert sits in his spot and picks up his notebook.B  When he touches it
chuckles nervously.B  Robert immediately clutches his notebook and looks

B B B B  Did any of you look in here.

B B B B  No.

B B B B  Naw.

B B B B  No man.

B B B B  We didnt look.

B B B B  I didnt.

B B B B  At that last one Robert becomes convinced that someone looked.B 
looked, I know you did.B  Who did it.

B B B B  Robbie Flammang, his closest friend, says Theyre just joking.B  No

B B B B  Somebody looked, who was it.

B B B B  Youre just being paranoid Robert.

B B B B  No Im not.B  He insists.B  You guys just made that up to go against

B B B B  There is a stunned silence in the room.B  We all blink once or
twice, we
all look at each other and reach silent consensus.B  Robert does not know
the word paranoid means.

B B B B  Where is your dictionary Robert.B  So the word is looked up and
shown to
him.B  And we get to play the rest of the night.B  Oh and the two
players.B  They
have been bitten by werewolves and latter attack us at a signal from

B B B B  The third and last slumber party he shows us a dungeon he has spent
couple of weeks working on.B  Under the Cloud Giants Castle he calls it.B 
a castle in the clouds. The ground is made ofB  springy cloud like a
trampoline.B  In the basement the last monster you have to fight is the
And He is sending it in to get published.

B B B B  We are all proud of him.B  We have a great time that evening.B  They
his submission though saying they just cant use it.B  Later Robbie
shows me a module from Judges Guild.B  Its a castle in the clouds, except
clouds are solid and springy, and the last monster is the Devil.B  Its
Roberts hand, but the picture is definitely Roberts Devil.

B B B B  I dont know how Robert Miles took it.B  But he never DMd again.B  As
as I know he never gamed again either.B  Judges Guild succeeded in
disenchanting one of my first GMs.B  The kid who just moved down from
and introduced all of us to gaming by word of mouth.

David Michael Grouchy II
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