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(TFT) Charge Question

Advanced Melee, Page 4, Option Ia:
"Stand still or move one hex and: attack with your ready weapon (or throw a
weapon, or jab with a pole weapon, or attempt HTH combat).
Advanced Melee, Page 4, Option IIa:
"Move half your MA or less and: charge attack.*
(asterisk indicates that is only allowed if you begin disengaged)
Okay, here's my question. Figure A is armed with a Halbered. Figure B is armed
with a Morningstar. They are seperated by  a single hex. Can figure B use
Option 1a to engage and attack Figure A WITHOUT charging. Moving one hex is
"half your MA or less" so I've always assumed it's an automatic charge attack.
But since they're all listed as OPTIONS, one could argue that when you move
only 1 hex you can choose to EITHER charge attack or not.
What is the concensus?
Melee, by the way, seems to offer no such option. In Melee if you move from
unengaged to engaged and subsequently attack (option b), you automatically
charge. Oddly, if you move from engaged to unengaged and don't attack, you do
not charge (option a).
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