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(TFT) Creatures as weapons

Creatures as weapons

     If you would
allow living beings to be enchanted, how ever limited, would you allow living
beings to be used as weapons.  I will
provide some examples, moving from the ``yeah, that seems maybe ok,`` through
to the ``someone kill him before my players hear of this`` and we`ll see what
you think.

     A Giant can pick
up and throw large objects for damage.  I
can easily see a giant throwing a character and using them as a projectile.

     A bound demon is
contained in a gem, carving, or statue.
Some forms of these can be easily fixed to a pommel, hilt, or scabbard.

     A bola is
enchanted with serpent torc and strung with 50 backbones of an Apep.  When
thrown to strangle, the victim
disappears in megahexes of shadow and is eaten over the next 2 or 3 turns.
Then it reverts to a bloa leaving the enemy
wondering what happened to their friend and his gear.

     That crossbow
bold that just struck your friend is actually a metallic earth elemental.  And
while you have been scanning for the
sniper it has been punching out his ribs twice a turn from the inside.

     You now realize
it has been enchanted with flight spell and hasflown into the chest of your
other friend.  There is no sniper.  Do you wish to stab through your friends
shest to try and stop it?

     I shapeshift into
an arrow and have them shoot me over the wall.
Maybe Ill even hit someone.

David Michael Grouchy II

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