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Re: (TFT) 3 more instalments

On Tue, 12 Aug 2008 11:54:09 -0500
David Michael Grouchy II <david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have 3 more instalments.  Then I will be finished with the 21
> vingnettes.  I will then take a week off.  I hope I haven't smothered all
> conversation and in that time I can get some new views from the readers.  I
> almost think I should have posted one vignette a week, and not a day.

I'm enjoying the hell out of these.  The "I keep digging" story is a great
lesson in GM'ing.  A good GM is flexible enough to deal with just about
any action a player can take without falling back on "Rocks Fall, 
Everybody Dies"(*) or having the other players suffer because of one
f*cknugget in the group.

(* http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp05032002.shtml )
       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant - jh@brainiac.com
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa
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