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RE: (TFT) Natural Magic User

> What about allowing a "grove" or something other site to offer

> ST aid to the casting wizard?

    Cas is kind enough to have posted my Aztec rules on his website.  Below
the link I have posted the rules for a calender stone that I use.  There are
other bits like idols, and aztec jobs there as well.


Calendar stone & the wheel
   The Native American Indians have been accused of being technologically
primitive.  The main traditional evidence of this is the lack of a wheel, or
any of its western developments, like chariots and water wheels.  I submit
that the Indians, and in particular the Central American Nahua (also called
the Aztecs) did know of the wheel.  In fact the had a profound reverence for
it.  Due to their world view, they choose to develop it along spiritual lines
instead of mechanical.
    In Eastern traditions the foot is considered the lowest part of the body
(more on the Eastern - Native Indian connection later.)  In fact it is
considered rude and insulting to point ones foot at some one.  This can be
taken to extremes.  Before the members of my Aircraft Carrier were allowed
port side in Thailand we were briefed that "to step on a stray coin may get
you killed by a mob.  The currency has a picture of the royal family on it."
In the eastern tradition this is a grievous insult.
    Of course the Indians knew of the wheel.  They just used it as a model of
the heavens, and considered it to be a symbol of the divine.  The sacred
circle, the sacred calendar round, and the sacred cycle are common themes in
Indian culture.  They would never have put the wheel under their feet.  And
they would never have dared to ride on one.
    Instead they used them as a symbol of their submission to the gods.  In
the most famous of the calendar stones found the central carving was a face
with a tongue.  The tongue stuck up and was made of flint.  The hearts of
sacrifice victims were placed on this flint tongue.  Thus they made offering
too, and fed, the gods.
    In magical terms the calendar stones are the same as a ST Battery.  These
ST Batteries/calendar stones are charged by blood offerings.  Instead of
getting 1 point for every 5 points of fatigue, they get the victims entire ST.
As these calendars are charged with countless sacrifices (according to Bernal
Dias, thousands in a day on high holy days.)  This power is used by the
priests to summon gods.  In TFT terms these gods correspond to elementals;
wind, rain, earth, and fire (volcano).  The priests could summon huge rains
for the growing season.  Hurricanes, Massive pyramids of earth elementals, and
even volcanoes.
    An interesting side note.  When Cortez landed, Moctezuma had two calendars
sent to him.  They were about 1 1/2m diameter and one was pure silver, the
other pure gold.  The Spaniards immediately melted them down and recast them
into bars.  The Nahua were stunned at what seemed to be a gross waste of
power.David Michael Grouchy II

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