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RE: (TFT) Theory of dungeons

> I think Ed summed it up, very concisely, and accurately.
> As for me, my dungeon would be my lair, where I store my loot, conduct my
> dark and inhuman experiments, and study forgotten, dark lore.
> As for "plot devices", those are in my torture room.
> David

    * chuckle *  ``Could I interest you in a nice Wizards tower m'lord.  It's
the very latest thing.  Roomy, view of the entire land, the roof is easily
converted to a landing pad.  Three levels of reinforced basement.  I mean
really.  In this day an age who wants an ole dugeon anymore.  The ventilation
is ghastly and you can't see anyone comming.``

   --Branya Real Estate Agent
   (Looks like Ricardo Montleban)
    (carries a breifcase)

David Michael Grouchy II

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