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Re: (TFT) Jousting

You can't properly simulate a joust with the participents on either side of the barrier using the grain of the hexes (imho). The horses would have to turn into the barrier at the point of impact so that their opponent is directly in front of both horse and lancer, and that would require the rear hex of the horse to move away from the barrier. Since the zig-zag pattern of the up and down hexes abstractly simulate a straight line on a hex board, anyway, it's the perfect way to have horsemen charge each other (imho). In testing it, I've also found that the zig-zag pattern provides slightly more interesting tactical excercise...the joust is still largely just a charge at each other, but at least there are some slight adjustments one can make to gain advantage over your opponent with the zig-zag pattern.

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> Why not have your mounts travel with the grain of the hexes
> as opposed to straight up and down the center of the map?
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