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(TFT) Second encounter with Water

The second encounter with water

     My first TFT campaign the players are a group of merchants working the
amphitheater in Rome.  They bet all their money on fighters and then play
those fighters in the arena.  The idea is to get enough to buy a plus one
weapon.  Then we do paired warrior & wizard fights against my team.

     If one goes broke they can always work a week or two.  The winning team
gets to keep any magic weapons.  All normal weapons and armor are provided by
the arena.  One day after about 50 fights I say to Ward ``Leaving, you see a
kid crawl down a grate under the arena.``


     ``There are these barred grates at the base of the arena, and this one is
missing a few poles.  A kid just crawled down there.``

     Only a fraction of hesitation.  ``I go after him.``

     ``Following footprints in the sand you come to this huge cavern under the
city.  It`s filled with a massive lake, silent in the darkness.  In the
middle, and supporting the roof is a massive column of jagged rock almost like
a mountain.  There are rooms, doors, and windows carved into it, with torches
reflecting on the water.  A long rope bridge comes out to a square wooden
platform suspended from the ceiling.  On this side of the platform another
rope bridge slopes down staked to the sandy shore, near where you are

     ``I test the rope bridge.``

     ``Its sturdy.``

     ``I walk up to the platform.``

     ``A kid stands up with a cocked and loaded heavy crossbow and a
cranequin.  He says Oy!  Drops the cranequin and aims at you.``

     ``I dodge.``

     4d roll.  ``He misses, then screams.  Other kids appear on the rock woth
heavy crossbows and come running.``

     ``I get the hell out of there.``

     Ward gets Jimmy and comes back for another game.  They both get a warrior
& wizard team and head back down.  The have a blast using summoned gargoyles,
bows, and superior tactics to take the first platform.  As they are about to
take the rock, and the kids see five of their friends dead I have them
surrender to Ward.

     ``What the hell are you kids doing down here.``

     ``Our dads died in the arena and no one looks after us, so we teamed up
to survive.``

     I think I hit a weak spot with Ward, and even Jimmy looks sad.  I may
have over played my hand.  Both of them look like they feel miserable.  I say
the only thing I can think of that might cheer Ward up.

     ``Will you adopt us?``

     And he does.  His own army of gutter snipes packing heavy artillery.
Even Jimmy sees the pragmatic side of it and asks.  ``Can our fighters take
cocked heavy crossbows into the arena?``

David Michael Grouchy II

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