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RE: (TFT) Various musings on theivery and Mending

> . . . [the pieces having some magic memory of each other], . . .

> . . . Now imagine a castle that is one single piece of stone. Expensive, but

   I suppose I should be surly and resentful because you have helped my mind
to see something new and my imagination to think in a direction it has never
gone before.  But I like it.  I like the thought, I like that it's new, I like
that I have never heard of it before.  But I really like that it only hurt my
brain to start thinking about it.  After that it becomes more and more
obvious, natural, and right.  Now it seems like  something I should have known
all along.

   "The pieces having some magic memory of each other]"

    What a great sentiment.  I love it when people find new ways to flavor the
existing rules.  Much more than those who mistake changing the rules for
fleshing them out.  "Oh look, there is no meat on my skeleton, let's break
it's leg, that'll fix it."  I know, I know, you would rather I not involve a
response to you in this kind of oblique criticism of other posts.  But
unfortunately it looks like there is a never ending supply of people who want
to talk about how to fix things.  Things they have completely failed to
explain how they are broken in the first place.  And decent, creative, and
useful posts like yours get buried in a flood.  A flood of posts talking about
the variety of solutions to some vague foggy ill defined flaw that still
remains poorly defined, if at all.

    I think they should all feel ashamed of themselves.  They are not even
trying.  I mean how hard can it be to tell the difference between unfounded
vagary and someone who is testifying to something well tested over years with
real people in real games.  I honestly hope they all read this and get mad.
Good I say.  Cause they sure didn't give the castle made of one piece of stone
two moments thought the first time around.

David Michael Grouchy II

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