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(TFT) Dexterity in TFT


I saw some verbiage on the argument that TFT doesn't account for the
opponent's DX during a fight.  Maybe I missed some of the discussion but I
felt compelled to make a general point or two.

One thing that makes TFT work well is the fact that the combat flows well
and rewards well-built characters played well in a SIMULATION of combat.
This allows the adventure part to move along nicely without an inordinate
amount of time spent on detailing the brief fight encounters (a la GURPS).

And remember, the DX of your opponent IS taken into account in at least two
ways.  First, if your DX is higher, you get to go FIRST!  This is very handy
and can end a fight in your favor.  Secondly, it allows you to disengage and
avoid being hit ENTIRELY by your opponent (barring thrown and missile and
pole weapons, etc.).  What better advantage could you want in a fight, but
to go first and decide when or if to allow any exchange of blows? 

And, of course, the higher DX character can, if he chooses, decide to delay
his action to check the result of another action, be it a protective spell
or a falling opponent, before deciding what to do (disengage or attack).

Also, either character may defend, adding one die to the roll required from
all adjacent attacks by the enemy.  IMO, this system works very well.

I was around the SJG haunts in the early 80s when the idea of a defensive
roll was bandied about for the upcoming Great Unknown Role Playing System
and I have to say that initially I though it might improve the way TFT
worked and was all for testing it out.  But if you look at what became the
Generic Universal Role Playing System and can honestly say that it is more
fun and more playable than TFT then play on, but I would heartily disagree
with you.

TFT has a few small things I would change about it, and we sometimes do have
a house rule or two, but I think the game plays very well as it is, and the
dangers of rules variantism have, I am sure, been discussed on this forum in
great detail already.

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