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(TFT) Swords'n'Sorcery Terminator

sometimes I suddenly have an idea which I think it would probably be better if I'd never had. Of course, I usually release those ideas on an unsuspecting world... Here's my latest. The TFT equivalent of the Terminator. Combine the following:

Freshly-killed Troll	(ITL, p. 54)
Zombie			(AW, p. 18)
Flameproofing Item 	(AW, p. 32)
Iron Flesh Item		(AW, p. 33)

DX 9 is gonna be painful, but the psychological impact could be pretty good. Could add "Geas" just for good measure, but I don't see that it's too necessary. In a siege, it would be great fun to fling one of these over the wall out of a trebuchet. Of course the impact would kill it, but what of that? In 5 minutes of shamming death, it'll be back to full strength...
	Is this an old idea that I'm just re-inventing? Would it work?
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Large Asteroids headed toward planets
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				Think of it as Evolution in Fast-Forward.
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