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Re: (TFT) some one ... any one have any 36 pt chars...

My faves, the Dwarven A-Team:

ST 11 DX 13 (9) IQ 12 MA 6
.....WEAPONS: triple-fine Small AX (1+5), triple-fine Mace (2+2),
		 Small AX (1+3), Mace (2)
.....ARMOR: Fine Plate (6)
.....TALENTS: (2) Ax/Mace, (2) Thrown Weapon, (2) Armorer,
		(3) Two Weapons, (2) Master Armorer
.....STUDYING: (1) Human Tongue, (1) Literacy, (2) Running
.....SPECIAL POSS: triple-fine weapons and fine plate (made himself)
	(note: damage includes bonus due to being Dwarven)

ST 11  DX 11 (10) IQ 14  MA 10
.....WEAPONS: -
.....ARMOR: Cloth (1)
.....TALENTS: (1) Literacy, (1) Human, (3) Alchemy,
		[8] Light, [9] Aid, [12] Analyze Magic,
		[13] Open Tunnel, [13] Telekinesis, [14] Lightning,
		[14] 4-Hex Illusion, [14] Glamor,
		[14] Weapon/Armor Enchantment
.....STUDYING: [14] Glamor, [15] Giant Rope, [15] Create Gate

ST 11 DX 11 (9) IQ 14 MA 8
.....WEAPONS: Spear, Spear
.....ARMOR: Leather (2)
.....TALENTS: (1) Literacy, (1) Orcish, (2) Pole Weapons,
		(2) Naturalist, (1) Tracking,
		(2) Physicker, (1) Tactics, (2) Master Physicker,
		(2) Strategist

ST 15 DX 11 IQ 9 MA 8
.....WEAPONS: Heavy Crossbow (3), Battle Ax (3+1)
.....ARMOR: Leather (2+1)
.....TALENTS: (1) Crossbow, (2) Ax/Mace, (3) Missile Weapons,
		(1) Climbing, (2) Warrior
	(note: armor includes protection from Warrior talent)

Notes in general:
If the team has been together for a while, Talin will have made really fine weapons for all of them, and Arlin will have enchanted all of the armor and weapons for better protection and better dex and damage. If the team has been around a while, Arlin will have supplied them with a fair stash of healing potions. Despite not apparently focusing on combat, this group makes a pretty decent fighting team. Talin can parry to withstand most attacks, Brulin can deal damage out quickly (particularly if the foe is engaged to Talin and can't dodge), and Nelin often can get in a side or rear charge attack, in addition to the Strategy bonus (and healing after the battle).
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