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(TFT) Marius on goblins

Given opportunity Marius will expound at length on the history of his folk:

"We goblins are a diverse folk. We are found in many different worlds and those worlds shape us. We are of the fae race, there is a kinship with the Elves. I say this because Elves and Goblins are always found in the same world. Often as enemies, sometimes as servants and sometimes just as different people. It is almost unheard of (in my experience) for worlds where one race exists without the other..."  

"There are worlds where goblin is a byword for wickedness and cruelty. Goblins in those worlds hide from the sun, living beneath the earth under mountain. They are numerous but their history is mostly of futile war, despoiling and defeat. These dark folk are often dominated by leaders from physically stronger races."

"My own folk originally came from the forest, we say our green skin comes from the leaves. As a race we are individually weaker than most of the other folk in our world, the men, orcs, dwarves, elves, lizard-men and such. So we came to prize wit and cunning over strength. We hid our villages in the forest, we built mazes and laid false trails to protect our homes. We were adept at traps and poisons and let them fight for us."

"You must not think we were constantly at war. It was not so, there were long periods of peace between our clans with only occasional incursions from other races. We were hunters, fishers, crafters, traders and diplomats too. The goblin market was justly famous as a meeting place where you could buy or sell almost anything for a price..."

"When the city-builders came to our world, some of our folk met them to trade. As the cities grew so our trade settlements grew alongside them. Now most of the cities of my homeland have a goblin-town. Most are within the walls and are amongst the oldest parts of the cities if not the most salubrious. We became citizens. Goblins fought alongside the men of the cities, we sided with our new home towns in the plainsman's wars. I am of the free-city of Lascar."

There may be more as we recollect our history...

Marius / Chris

Chris Nicole


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