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(TFT) The Lost Orb - Earth, A.D. 450

I replayed David O. Miller's Lost Orb scenario and took pictures this time in order to provide a more detailed battle report, which will follow as a series of replies to this message.

The battle took place on earth, where the orb, fluctuating in magical energy, momentarily transported itself to the year 450 A.D. 

The battlefield was three melee boards joined together at the points, like the spokes of a wheel. The "dead" area between the melee boards were filled with impassable glaciars and/or water. The center, where the melee boards joined, was built up into a hill, atop which was the orb and around which were the skeleton guardians. Each player received two "bushes" counters to place on the board -- both Pagan Thunder and The Last of the Romans placed their bushes on the Seekers' of the Grail board, in an attempt to slow down the cavalry.

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